Livelihood Enterprise Development Program



LEDP :- Livelihood Enterprise Development Program which was launched on December of 2015. 

As skill upgradation training alone has a limited impact on livelihood creation among the SHG members, it was thought prudent to create sustainable livelihoods among SHG members and to attain optimum benefit out of skill upgradation. Thus, a new scheme titled the Livelihood and Enterprise Development Programme (LEDP) was launched in December 2015. It envisages the conduct of livelihood promotion programs in clusters. There is provision for intensive training for skill building, refresher training, backward-forward linkages, and handholding as well as escort support. It also encompasses the complete value chain and offers an end-to-end solution to SHG members. It is to be implemented on a project basis covering 15 to 30 SHGs in a cluster of contiguous villages where SHG members may be selected.


The skill upgradation training is provided in batches of 25-30 members and covers Agri and allied activities as well as rural off-farm sector activities. LEDP will not only facilitate the promotion of sustainable livelihoods but also derive full advantage from promotional assistance. NABARD will provide grant support for skill upgradation programs, the establishment of demonstration units, and need-based critical infrastructure. LEDP has been mainstreamed in May 2017. Cumulatively, 1,36,098 SHG members have been supported through 1284 LEDPs


With this NABARD Supported program, our organization has provided a new opportunity to the 90 women of SHG by giving them training for their livelihood. In this training, all the women were taught the manufacture of decorative products for home and office by using the unusable items of the house. We had created creativity in them, so that they make their house attractive by not throwing useless and unusable items in the garbage and making some unique items from it, apart from that they make a good income by selling those products and can make a good living out of it.