NABARD since 2006 has been supporting need-based skill development programmes (MEDPs) for matured SHGs which already have access to finance from Banks. MEDPs are on-location skill development training programmes which attempt to bridge the skill deficits or facilitates optimization of production activities already pursued by the SHG members.Grant is provided to eligible training institutions and SHPIs to provide skill development training in farm/off-farm/service sector activities leading to establishment of micro enterprises either on individual basis or on group basis.


A separate, specific and focused skill building programme ‘Micro Enterprise Development Programme (MEDP)’ has been formulated which involves organizing short duration, location specific programmes on skill upgradation / development for sustainable livelihoods / venturing micro-enterprises by matured SHG members. It is a supplemental effort to upgrade/ develop skill and preliminary business acumen of SHG members in order to enable them to cope up with the issues in relation to run a successful enterprise for income generation/ livelihood.


The slow rate of graduating to micro enterprises and lower level of business is a matter of concern.  In  order  to  develop  microenterprises  NABARD  had started  Micro Enterprise Development Programme (MEDP)from 2005 to help matured SHGs’ members to graduate into micro enterprises.  The  MEDP is essentially a  programme targeted at members of matured SHGs  who had accessed one or two credit lines and are keen  on strengthening existing livelihood or interested in starting new microenterprises.