Promotion of Off Farm Sector was enshrined in the mission statement of NABARD at the time of its inception. The sector assumes significance in the context of the pressing need for reducing rural India’s dependence on agriculture income by encouraging alternate livelihood options. Development of this sector also helps in arresting large-scale migration of small and marginal farmers and agricultural labour to urban areas in search of livelihood opportunities due to unemployment, disguised employment and distress in the agriculture sector.NABARD has evolved several refinance and promotional schemes for development of the Off-farm Sector and has been making constant efforts to broad base, refine and rationalise its schemes in response to the need at the field level.The focus has been on programmes that enable increased credit flow, provision of credit to the unreached, and provision of linkages for small, cottage and village industries, handloom, handicrafts and other rural crafts and service sector in rural areas.