Goat FPO


The new Bhojpur districts consist of three sub-divisions, viz., Ara Sahar, Jagdishpur and Piro comprising 14 development blocks stretching over an area of 2,37,526 hectares.

The district is bounded by Saran district and Uttar Pradesh on the North, Rohtas district on the South West, Arwal dist East, Patna district on the East and Buxar district on the West. The climate of the district is characteri as moderate. Most of its rainfall occurs in the monsoon season.

Bihar is endowed with a large number of goats—1.2 crores. Bihar is the third largest state in goat population, following Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Goats in Bihar are reared in a traditional and subsistence manner by some sects of the society (marginal and landless laborers) who are unable to rear large animals. This traditional way of keeping goats results in high mortality and low productivity.

Our organization has created FPO keeping in view the problem of goat farmers and improving the economic condition of goat farmers to make them advanced farmers.

The following problems are faced in keeping goats -

1. Sometimes goats die due to lack of treatment due to lack of doctors.

2. Maintenance and fodder problems.

3. Due to the non-availability of the market for goat-rearing farmers, goats have to be sold at throwaway prices.

4. Lack of training to goat rearing farmers

5. Due to non-insurance of goats, after the death of goats, goat farmers have to bear the loss.

In view of all these problems, FPO was created so that goat rearing farmers with proper development, mobilization of farmers, protection of their rights, direct marketing and increase in yield.

Small and Marginal Farmer’s economy in Bihar is primarily dependent on animal husbandry; goat is the chief livestock specie. The Transhumance system of livestock rearing is antiquity and a means of livelihood. Goats under this system are reared for multipurpose i.e. meat and milk products. The goat has also been playing a significant role in the rain-fed farming system. Marketing of goats is under the hand of an unorganized sector and middleman oriented. So, there is an urgent need to develop a strategy in respect of breed conservation, management, health care, credit, insurance and marketing system of goats in Bihar. Nowadays, goat farming is recognized as a ‘GARIBON KA ATM’ business throughout Bihar. We have mobilized 1000 traditional goat farmers under our FPO in Jagdishpur Block in Bhojpur District. We have identified five Gram Panchayat (Dawan, Chakwa, Utarwari Jungal Mahal, Dalippur and Basouna) to develop as GOAT VILLAGE.

FPO has 10 Board of Directors who are selected through a meeting of all shareholders and Group members & currently we have a total of 147 shareholders and 360 Group members so far. This year our target is entire Jagdishpur block and after fulfilling our present target we are going to the farmers of the district and we want to change their life also.