Bhojpuriya Hunar Haat

Bhojpuri Hunar Haat is not just a name but it is a campaign to improve the economic condition of local artist and save the heritage of Bhojpuri art. Bhojpuriya Hunar Haat was inaugurated by DM Raushan Kushwaha of Bhojpur district on 24 February 2021 to promote 'Bhojpuri Art and Local Artists'.

We have launched Bhojpuri Hunar Hat only last year to promote Bhojpuri art and increase the income level of trained artisans. At Bhojpuriya Hunar Heart we sell hand made products offline and online which are hand made by our trained artisans. In just 1 year it has become famous for handicrafts and hand made products and now it’s called by the name of Toys Hub. This has helped many women earn a decent livelihood for themselves and their families and set an example for other women "if you want something then let your passion take flight and you can reach the skies".

'Bhojpuriya Hunar Hart' has become a part of the growing thinking towards economic independence of women and self-reliance in rural areas. Hunar Heart manufactures useful materials and toys from junk and makes them available in the market, about 200 women associated with this are working to make toys and useful items with their skills. In Hunar Haat, the material made by women is kept for exhibition.