“No struggle can ever succeed without women participation side by side with men. There are two powers in the world. One is the sword, one is the pen. There is a third power, stronger than both, that of women”. – Malala Yousafzai



For the overall growth of any country, the f-word is very important. And by the f-word I mean feminism. As mentioned in the above quote, with the participation of men and women together, any problem can be easily solved. Indian women have been treated differently since ancient India. Today, however, the times are changing, and this article throws some light on how Indian women are overcoming all the odds and emerging supreme.



As the majority of India’s population, women represent a significant portion of the nation’s untapped economic potential. As such, empowering women in India through equal opportunities would allow them to contribute to the economy as productive citizens. With higher literacy rates and equal pay for equal work, women are able to thrive economically and rise out of poverty. The tireless efforts of Jan Vikas Kranti have done a lot to bring change in the lives of women and girls of Jagdishpur and surrounding areas. Due to these efforts, there are more girls than boys among the students studying in Jan Vikas Kranti.



Kumari Sneha Singh, principal of Jan Vikas Kranti, was honored with the title of social worker for her outstanding contribution to the socio-economic development of Bihar. On international woman day a seminar on gender equality for a sustainable tomorrow was organized by Jan Vikas Kranti under the aegis of Nehru Yuva Kendra Bhojpur in Nayka Tola of Jagdishpur block. The program was inaugurated by 'Anuman Prasad Das' state director Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan Bihar. Ms. Shubhangi Kumari Gandhi Fellow Piramal Swasthya informed the youth about the changes taking place regarding menstruation.